Rudra Aqua Casa in Greater Noida West

Welcome to Rudra Aqua Casa in Sector 16 Noida Extention, a ground-breaking project that brings to Noida, “Dream Your Home”. Rudra Group presents Aqua Casa Noida a prestigious residential apartment in Noida Extention. Rudra Aqua Casa name redefines royal living in multiple storey tower, which has been meticulously designed to execute grace and elegance in every aspect, from the aesthetically design 2, & 3 BHK spacious Flats & Rudra Aqua Casa payment plan Apartments. Being established in two phases, with both having uniquely innovative concepts of their own, it is poised to bring luxury and comfort of sorts never experienced in Noida before. Rudra Aqua Casa provides every possible amenity surrounded with lush green parks and magnificent water bodies and no compromise with dreams.

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